How to Make Acrylic Nails By Shelsy

Did you  know there are thousands of different types of acrylic nails. For example, my favorite are water acrylic nails or aquarium acrylic nails. These nails are really cool, the acrylic nails that you apply on the tips of your nails has little holes in it. Those holes are where the water is injected. After, you can just put the glitter or any little thing in the nail so when you shake or move you hand the glitter inside moves around, it’s really cool.

I am going to teach you how to make one of the most easy cute acrylic nails.


Some people think its really hard to get that effect of different colors on your nail but I am going to teach you a really simple way to create that effect. First, you are going to pick out the colors that you want to use. Using light colors will help because if you use dark colors its going to be really hard to see the line or the print that you want to put on your nail. After this you are going to get a sponge like this:

   On the sponge, you are going to put the nail polish that you choose and make a line on the sponge with all the colors that you choose. When you do that, make sure that all the stripes fit on your nail so the rainbow comes out on all of your nail. Then you are going to stamp the sponge with nail polish on your nail. When you’re done with that  just wait for it to dry and then put the transparent polish on your nail and wait for that to dry. Then you could choose to do the stripes with the stamper, they sell this in Walmart, or online.

 What you are going to do next is, get one of the things that look like plates with your favorite design. Then you put the plate on the plate holder that will help you not make a mess but just in case put a paper or something under it. After you have everything in its place you go to the nail polish you chose your colorful back ground so now you have to choose the nail polish that you want for you design (its better if you choose nail polish that is dark so you can see it). Now you are ready to begin, the first thing you have to do is cover ONLY the DESIGN that you WANT with nail polish with the scrapper you have to scarp of the nail polish until you can only see the design that you wanted in the color that you wanted. Now you are ready to Stamp!!!!! to begin you have to grab you stamper it works best when you use the big side and then you just have to press on the plate with the stamper as soon as you are done scraping the nail polish, when you done with that you have to just stamp it on your nail and (optional you could put the shine coat).

P.S This might take a few times until you get the perfect design.


My minecraft site

I have a minecraft blog at I will not be able to post anything from you if it is a ______room12 account so you will have to make your own account on and if you comment and ask if I can make you a author, contributor, subscriber, or editor but not a administrator I will do that if you are a friend of mine and you have a lot to add on the site.

Check it out some time


Why I Love Soccer

There are many reasons for why I love soccer.  First of all, there are many positions. I really enjoy playing all of them.  I have loved playing soccer since I was very young.  I also like soccer because when I’m mad, I take out all my anger on the ball.  It is fun even if I’m the only one playing because  I practice for when I do play with other people.  An advantage of having a park right next to my house is many of my friends including Gurshaan, Luis, Abe, Tomo, Isidro, Bryan  and and another kid from Egan named Max all hang out after school.  We practice our passing and shooting skills so we can use them at school.  My favorite soccer player is Messi because he is an experienced soccer player and he inspired has me to be one too.  He is also very special to me because he plays for Barcelona and Barcelona is my favorite league.



Ilya’s Story

I was online one day after school, and I came across an interesting website. On the home page was a picture of a boy with chocolate brown eyes. He was lying on a bed, looking beseechingly at the camera. I clicked on the picture and found out the story of the boy with the chocolate brown eyes.


Ilya’s Story

By Adi Roche (Chernobyl Children International Charity)

Ilya is  one year old with an immense love for chocolate. His mother had to leave her job as a dry cleaner to stay home with Ilya, his two older brothers and little sister. His dad looks at this four children and says the only way he see’s anything different between them is that Ilya is the calm one.

But there is one more difference: Ilya had a hole between the two chambers of his heart. His only hope for survival was open-heart surgery. And thanks to Chernobyl Children International, a volunteer heart surgeon  visited Kharkiv, Ukraine, and performed the surgery on  Ilya.

Many other children have gone through what little llya has. The sickness he has is commonly known as Chernobyl Heart. This sickness is caused by the radioactive materials that were released during the nuclear explosion in Ukraine. Even though this horrible explosion happened almost 28 years ago, the life of the nuclear material released into Chernobyl will last over 200 years. Other children just like Ilya won’t get the medical attention they need. Chernobyl Children International, funded by donations, helps make sure these children get the help need, but it isn’t always easy. Surgeries are very expensive, priced at around 1,000 euro (About $1500)

, and with the price of food and clothes these days, donations are few. At this moment, a child is in need of heart surgery. All it takes is a small donation from as many people as possible to give these children hope. Children that are just like you have never had the chance at a future. They will never go to college, and nobody believes they will survive until their next birthday. But they do have hope. It’s you.




NBA playoffs

Ali, please go through this and read my comments, change wording and add a bit more in a few spots. Then you need to site the sources where you got the pictures. 

The NBA playoffs

The NBA Playoffs is 30 NBA  teams that compete to go to the playoffs. There is the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. The team with more wins go to the playoffs and play in head to head games. Sixteen teams can go to the playoffs for the first round, then who ever wins four games first go to the semi finals for their conference. If they win the semis of their conference they go to the finals, and if they win they go to the finals against the eastern team. Its the exact same thing for the eastern team, they go through the same process. Wich ever  teams wins the finals for their conference plays in the finals, West vs East. Who ever wins is the NBA champ.

  Lebron James getting pumped up for a game.   Kevin Durant getting ready for a game.

One thing about the playoffs is there is a lot of emotions, and sometime NBA players can get nervous, mad or NBA players get really  confident and pumped by listening to music. The playoffs are really intense, if a team is losing they do not back down. All NBA teams fight for winning a title. The playoffs are not easy, if you go easy and not your full effort you will lose. In the playoffs players do not go easy they keep on fighting. Teams such as the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics have won the most NBA championships. So the playoffs are really hard. The defending NBA champs are the Miami Heat, they played against  the Oklahoma City Thunder and won 4 to 1. They played really hard. This year, 2013,  the Miami Heat have made it to the Eastern Conference finals. Its very competitive, and right now you will have to wait to find the NBA champ.  NBA players that were huge like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Lance Stephenson, Roy Hibbert, and a lot more. Last year Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Russel westbrook,  the Miami Heat, and Oklahoma City Thunder were huge.


This is the NBA playoffs hope you enjoy.



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Nail Art: how to do chuck taylor nail

\I’m sure many of you girls have heard of or seen or heard of  really cool, cute Chuck Taylor Nails  and have wanted to paint them on yourself. Well, I’m going to show you just that. Step by step you will see exactly how these nails are done.


Step 1: Paint your nails any color.

Step 2: Next add a white tip to the end of your finger nail then make a round shape and paint it in.

Step 3: This step is optional, you may add a thin black strip to represent a part of the front of the shoe.

Step 4: Now line up six dots, three on each side.

Step 5: Connect the dots in a criss-cross pattern representing the lases.

Step 6: Once you have done all of these steps add an overcoat and you should have awesome Chuck  Taylor Nails.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to do these nails and do them too. The reason I taught you how to do these nails is because it is a fun and easy way to have some cute nail art ideas for a special day.










British Invasion

The first British Invasion was in the 1960’s when the Beatles, a famous British boy band was very popular. Here in 2013, is what I like to call the second British invasion. I call it that because of all the artists that are from the UK and popular on English T.V. shows. Also because the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom, has become a very common design for most fashion trends. It seems like Britain has been invading America for hundreds of years now, from America’s colonization to the more wonderful and peaceful trends that they give us today.

This “Invasion” has taken many forms, especially music. Fifty years ago it was the Beatles, now there are many more artists whose music is electronically sailing across the pond. There are many famous singers from England and the rest of the UK, such as Ellie Goulding, Cher Loyd, Little Mix, Adele, and One Direction. As an artist in England your goal is probably to become a famous name in America or just around the world. Is there something about English artists that today’s world especially likes? I think that with the singers I have heard, the English artists are more edgy and willing to be take risks in their music . This makes it more fascinating and interesting to  Americans. Maybe it’s because of the glamour we think of when we picture the UK or other overseas countries.

Also very popular now is the design of the Union Jack on basically anything. It was on the Los Altos high school prom shirt. The Union Jack is well known for its bright colours and unique pattern. People often change the colors of the flag and put catchy sayings on the front of them. I even just bought a rain jacket that has the Union Jack design. The notepad on my desk has the Union Jack along with Big Ben on the cover.

Unlike previous British invasions the ones that caused battles, we Americans happily welcome this one.




What are jellyfish? Fish? Jelly? Nope, they are actually plankton. Surprised? I know I was, you might assume that they are fish from their name, but don’t judge a ” book” by its cover. Some plankton are microscopic, but others can grow up to 7 feet long. Yet their tentacles can grow up to 100 feet long! Jellyfish are also 98% water and have a gelatinous bell. The bell is the part that some people refer to as the “head.” Also, jellyfish are carnivores. They feed on small prey, living or dead,  such as, small fish, eggs, zooplankton and other invertebrates. Jellyfish catch their prey in their lethal tentacles that bring their meal to the cavity where it is digested. Their sting is poisonous and sometimes deadly. As the jellyfish are drifting through the ocean going to catch their food, they discharge thousands of microscopic barbed stingers that spread venom throughout your skin if they touch you. The sting results in red irritation on the skin immediately. If you come in contact with too many stings for your body to handle or the jellyfish has to powerful of a sting, it can be life threatening. Overall, I advise you keep your distance from these interesting creatures, yet still admire their beauty from a far.




East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring, or Epatt was founded in 1988.  This organization helps kids that live in East Palo Alto and are in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. Epatt started as a summer tennis program, but now it serves as so much more. In 1994 they added tutoring. The tutoring classrooms were located at Ravenswood Middle School (now the Cesar Chavez Academy), but after a fire destroyed them in 1997, they decided to move to Stanford University. Through its tennis program, Epatt helps build sportsmanship, discipline, competitiveness, and other characteristics needed to succeed in life. Epatt’s success could not have thrived as much as it has without the people that dedicate their time and energy toward working at Epatt. Around 135 student from Stanford University volunteer to tutor the Epatt kids. Tutors are paired up with a student that they will work with any where from 2-4 hours each week. Over 95% of Epatt’s kids graduate from high school. That’s an amazing percentage considering the 112 kids that go to Epatt are from a community were this percentage is very low. There are also tennis volunteers who specialize in teaching Epatt kids tennis. The volunteers at Epatt claim that Epatt has helped them too. They say that since they volunteer at Epatt, they have realized not to take certain things for granite, and they feel better about themselves because they know they’re helping families that really need their help in a low income community. Since 1988, Epatt’s volunteers have achieved over 100,000 volunteer hours. There are only 112 kids that go to epatt, but they represent 43 different schools. They come to Epatt for after school tutoring, tennis, and dinner. In May of 2013, Epatt got to celebrate its 25 year anniversary. Epatt has had a lot of success, but they’re still trying to thrive even more. Epatt is trying to expand there facilities so that way more kids in East Palo Alto can get the help they need from Epatt. With Epatt’s help, kids in East Palo Alto can get the help they need to succeed in school, sports, and life.


Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth 

Liam Hemsworth was born a star on January 13, 1990 in Melbourne, Austrailia to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. Liam was the youngest of the three boys.  Chris and Luke Hemsworth were his brothers.  His mother, Leonie was a reading teacher. His father Craig, was a social service counselor.  When he was 8 years old, his family moved to the Phillip Islands. Liam Hemsworth is now 23 years young. He has an Austrailian accent and his birthsign is the Capricorn. He is happily engaged to the one and only Miley Cyrus. He is on the taller side with a height of 6,3. His favorite actors are Leonardo Dicaprio and Paul Newman. His favorite films are ‘The Goonies,’ ‘T’he Departed’ and ‘Step Brothers.’ Before all the fame he worked as a construction worker for half a year. In Liam’s free time time he loves to spend time with his Fiancee, Miley Cyrus and work out. He is also an ambassador for the Austrailian childhood foundation.


In 2008, he began acting on the ‘Elephant Princess’ and starred as Marcus. Then in March of 2009, he and his brother, Chris, moved to the United States and began their career there. He then attended his first audition in the United States. When he was sixteen he made it on ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Mcleod’s Daughter’ as a guest star. Liam Hemsworth has played in lots of great movies. For example, ‘The Last Song,’ ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Love and Honor,’ which is one of my favorite movies. In 2010 he had landed a spot on ‘The Last song,’ which is again one of my favorite movies and starred as Will Blakelee.  He starred as Gale in ‘The Hunger Games’ in 2011. Now there is going to be a second movie called ‘Catching Fire’ which he will also be in. Then in 2012 he starred in ‘The Expendables 2’ and co starred with Sylvester Stallon. He is planning on starring in another movie called, ‘Paranoia.’ Unfortunetly, Liam lost the role of Thor to his brother, Chris. Although Liam hasn’t starred in to many movies he is still my favorite. I like him so much because he is a very good actor and I have always loved the roles he has played. Also he always tries his best when acting even if thats maybe the part he didn’t really care for. He just so happens to be in all of my favorite movies!